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Bearington Collection

Bearington Collection: The Collectors Choice!

Whether you’re a collector yourself or you’re buying a gift for someone else, the Bearington collection of bears and toys consist of many must-have items. Each piece is made with love and a sharp attention to detail. The quality in the craftsmanship is second to none. These will most certainly last a lifetime—from generation to generation. Krafty Kats is quite pleased to offer Baby Bearington and Bearington Bears lines.

The Baby line consists of cuddly animals and coats, Lil’ Dancer, and Pretty Kitty. These toys are plush and soft—so huggable your little one won’t let go. Buzzy the Bee, Cuddly Kitty, Cuddle Wiggles, and even Doxie the barking Dachshund puppy may just become your child’s favorite toy. And since you want to keep your little one snuggled and warm, you’ll love the Giraffe Couture and Luxe Leopard couture coats with matching booties. There is even a Purrfect White Kitty coat with ears and all. If your little one likes to dance, then she’ll love the Lil’ Dancer collection. Pretty in pink with toe shoes and tutu, these stuffed friends will quickly become favorites. After you browse these items, you’ll have a hard time not adding them to your cart. So go ahead click on the add to cart button.

The Bearington Bear collection is the ultimate Bearington collection. With plush bears and other friends, you’ll find something for every occasion from birthdays to missing you as well as holiday and fashionable friends too. And to ensure that your stuffed pals are well maintained, you can shop the Beartique Accessories.

Browse Krafty Kats for your favorite bear if you have one. If not, then we’re sure one will claim your heart like it has many others. Shop now and enjoy a treasure that will last many, many years.

 Bearington Collection
Built on the idea that their customers should not have to sacrifice quality and collectibility in the name of excellent pricing, the Bearington Collection® has committed itself to developing a truly affordable and simply amazing collectible plush line.
Fancy That Frame
This collection of fun frames by Bearington are made to be used over and over again. Pick your favorite frame, choose magnets and decorate the frame to make it your own, and most of all be creative and have lots of fun!
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