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Whimsical Silk Scarves

Laurel Burch Scarves

Want a really great gift idea? How about a silk scarf? Laurel Burch scarves are even better! The Canine Clan and Indigo Cats collections are available as silk treasures that can be worn around the neck. They’re versatile too. Wear them with just about anything. Dress up a boring neutral business suit or wear with jeans and shirt. And since they are so colorful, chances are you really won’t have to worry about color combinations.

What makes Laurel Burch so unique? It’s the Laurel Burch cat in her designs for starters. The cat is part of just about every product line, from Laurel Burch cat earrings to scarves and prints. Laurel Burch is revered and loved by anyone who enjoys color and animals.

Take a peek around the site. You’ll notice all sorts of great gifts ideas and accessories for your home. You may notice Real Flower jewelry that can perform double duty as ornaments and pendants. Fairy lovers may take notice of the Angels and Fairy collections as well. And for those of you wanting something special for your kitchen, make sure you stop by our kitchenware section. You see, no matter what you like—nature, fairies, cats, dogs, even bears—Kraft Kats probably has it.

We take great pride in providing unique gifts and accessories for you and your loved ones. Krafty Kats began with a love of the holidays, making our home more inviting by decorating and making a statement with accessories. We started buying more than we u

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